Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Showing a Girl

Saumitra was packing his clothes and daily used items. I inquired whether he is leaving for some place. He replied “Oh yes, we are visiting Despandes”. “Daakhavaayachaa kaaryakram aahe kaa?”. I asked adding humor to the discussion. Actually yes was his reply pouring water on my humor.

This was a case when “boy” was going to visit “girl’s” town for the program of seeing each other. Still it is called “showing a girl”. See, even if we show a boy to the girl at her place, it is said “showing the girl”.

I remember seeing the movie “Mein Meri Patni Aur Woh”, starred by Rajpal Yadav. It has a incident when “Chote Babu” has no plans to marry so he decide to just see the girl reluctantly due to force from his mother. He also decides to reject her so he is relieved. But in the sequence at one time his uncle tells him not to worry as the girl may also reject him. This time the camera closes up to Chote Babu’s face and we can see his upset face clearly not approving the concept.

See Chote Babu was ok when he has decided to reject the girl, but that girl can also reject Chote Babu before him was a unwanted concept for him. We really need to change the concept of this showing business.

Even if it is called “showing” let it be a mutual showing, not a “showing a girl” program.