Thursday, February 01, 2007

Gift Crazy

It was birthday time again. When there is a up-coming birthday of your dear one it usually become birthday season. You start preparations like thinking about the possible gift. A gift having some shock value, some surprise, some personal touch.

He was thinking of giving something unique to her. Something which may not be a gift in true conventional sense. Something which will make her appreciate his feelings towards her.

What can be the gift which will make her smile? Something which will make her feel important. Something which will tell her that he really thought for her. Something which may be silly, rather it should be silly enough to amaze her.

He was enough crazy, to figure out the gift and he did figured out. That day he purchased a plain diary. The birthday was after 15 days so he had 15 days to work on the gift. He started writing in the diary for her. He kept on writing. While writing for her he got time to think about her. To remember her with cause was a great pleasure for him.

The day arrived. She came to his house. He was eagerly waiting for this moment. He wished her happy birthday. He was anxious about what she will say, after he presents the gift to her. Will she be mad? Will she be amazed? Lots of questions were crossing his mind.

“Come I have a gift for you”, he said to her.
“Birthday Gift, where is it, I cant wait” she responded.

Then he took out the well wrapped diary and presented her in style.
“Happy Birthday to you Seema! This is just a simple gift for you.”

She opened the wrapper slowly in her style. She folder the wrapper and kept it with caution into her purse. Yes, she has a habit of keeping even the wrappers of my gifts. Then she opened the diary. The diary was written from cover to cover no line left blank.

All the pages of the diary were filled with just one sentence. “I love you Seema”. She browsed the pages seeing all over there was just one sentence written.

She looked at him. “Thank you”, said she with tears in her eyes. She held his hand in her hand and said
“Very much like you, just your style.”

She said nothing more. The tear drops in her eyes was the real treasure he cherished for his life.

Tushar Joshi, Nagpur

(Image courtesy dee m)


-GS. said...

Hi Tushar!

Woww... what an idea about a gift.. and else could be a better gift?

It wasn't "crazy" at all.. but very touching.


Anonymous said...

तुषार, गिफ्टची आयडिया किती सुंदर आहे. झेडडायरेक्शन हे नाव अगदी सार्थ आहे.

- सोनाली

शैलेश भारतवासी said...


Next time, when i am to give any gift to my closers, I think I should contact you...very good approach

seema said...

This blog of yours took me 7 years back and that whole picture came again in front of me like any live telecast. Now also i will like to say only thank you for being there for me and with me always.

Shivani Bhoyar said...

Sir its really very touching..thanx for sharing with us...

Shivani Bhoyar said...

sir its really very touching... khup mast watla wachun... thanx for sharing with us...