Thursday, February 08, 2007

Energy Dose

"Hello Sushant", said Vikram a colleague working with me in my office.

We were rising up. We were in an elevator. Usually we meet only in places like this. The elevator, the down stairs cafeteria, or the terrace smoking club.

We usually share things like project schedules and trivia.

"Hey, I was there in the meeting when you presented the proposal. That was awesome man. I really liked it", said Vikram.

"What to say now", Sushant was thinking, “Thanks Vikram, do you really think I did well?"

"Well! I said awesome man. It was really effective and the people seem to listen to you with full concentration"

Vikram stepped out as the elevator stopped at fourth floor. The door closed again and now I was again rising towards my work place, the sixth floor.

I was smiling. This was a good start of the day. It really feels good when somebody appreciates your actions and behavior. Actually this was just a small gesture Vikram showed in the elevator. I sensed that Vikram was honest in saying what he said and my mood became great.

I know one should not get carried away by praise, appreciation or flattery, but some drops of honest appreciation always make your life energetic. Vikram did that for me this morning.

I also made up my mind to express honest appreciation for my colleagues whenever possible as I now know these little words make a lot of difference in their daily routine life.

Tushar Joshi, Nagpur

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