Saturday, November 11, 2006


We were chatting with friends. Sunil was also with us. Sunil is one of my good friends.

"..and she is very cute, and when she utters my name then wow it feels like somebody has sprinkled ice cold water on your face...", Rajesh was citing his experience with his girl friend.
"When I asked how much you love me, she said.."

"Wait.., Can I ask you one question?” interrupted Sunil in between.

"Yes?” Rajesh stopped looking towards Sunil with a question mark in his eyes.

"Have you told her that you will be describing your moments spent together in friends?"

"No. But that doesn’t makes difference.", said Rajesh indifferently

"So you are taking her for granted that she will not say anything when she comes to know this"

"Common yaar, you are making mountain of a mole. How come she will come to know? Who will tell her? You?"

"Rajesh, my friend, now you are becoming more difficult, now you are talking about lying to her and this breaks your integrity man, think about this."

Later I asked Sunil why he was stressing the topic, and whether he feels that after this will Rajesh really think on the topic?

"Look, I want to be honest with my opinion and values. I try to present them to all. This shows and is my character. Even if Rajesh doesn’t pay attention it is just like I reinforcing my values by re-stating them"

I liked the answer given by Sunil.

Tushar Joshi

(Image courtesy Chris Lim)

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-GS. said...

Hmmm... A Very valuable lesson taught beautifully through the means of a story/incident.

Tushar, You have this knack of simplifying har-d to-understand udeas into stories so that people get hold of them in a better way.

Why dont you create a book like "Panchtantra" by Vishnu-sharma? or even "Aesop's Fables"?