Friday, November 10, 2006

Rush Hour

Shridhar was waiting for his turn to come. It was a stationary and gift article shop. There was a little boy around 12 years also waiting for his turn to come. There was rush at this hour in the shop and the sales-boys were awfully busy serving all the people.

Suddenly the owner of the shop approached them.

"My apologies sir, it will take 10 minutes more to get some room for you. If this is not very urgent you can come after 10 minutes or if it is ok with you; you can wait here for 10 minutes. This doesn’t happen often but today lots of people have come at the same time."

"No, No, it’s ok", said Shridhar, "I will wait."
The little boy also stayed there as if he wants to wait and get the things today only.

The shop owner stayed with them and kept talking.

"So why don't you help getting some items for me, if you really care for me", Shridhar said internally feeling that he might be becoming rude now.

"You are right sir", said he "I can also start serving you and help all my boys working behind the counter. I feel talking to the customers waiting outside is my job in this shop as you people are very valuable to us. If I also start working like my sales boys then there will be nobody to take care of the customers waiting outside. We cannot lose you sir just because there is rush in our shop. So I have made it a point to talk with all the customers when they are waiting for their turn to come."

"Apologies again for the delay you are facing, yes sir now you can approach the counter, my boys will be happy to serve you", he said and turned to the little boy to ask what he has came for.

Shridhar got his items and also got an insight about the views of the shop owner. He also decided to visit the same shop again whenever in need of stationary and gift articles."

Tushar Joshi, Nagpur

(Image courtesy Dave Gingrich)

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Prasanna Shembekar said...

what is the role of the little boy in this story ?